Majestic Dimensions Vol. I

by Man Mantis

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Gloam Underrated, hoping for some more exposure in his future, easily an excellent producer from start to finish. Flow Worthy! Favorite track: Oscelot.
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𓅨 man mantis makes some of the most beautiful beats i have ever heard. i'm especially fond of his taste in percussive sounds. Favorite track: Kalimba.
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released January 31, 2014



Track Name: Tracing Paper (ft. Nocando & Decomposure)
Lone encoded fates found interlaced
Eyes divide aligned in phase
Time folding over space


I feel like a nigga from the future
Man I'm made of memories
Other than a titty bar, Deja Vu don't mean shit to me
What the fuck is history but proof and unpredictability?
Vegans want beef, so I guess that's why they grilling me
Chicas love grief, so I guess that's why they feeling me
Blocking like a goalie,
I just wanna yip yip with the coyotes
In the wild with the homies
And trip off the peyote


Unsure, we woke with the great bomb at our backs
And a scrap of tracing paper to contain the blast
Novels turned to gas


And I'm looking at the moon man its about that time
And time is money, I got no choice to be about my time
Somebody's daughter backstage and she tripping off of three pills
We ain't talking 'bout much, it sounds like Meek Millz
And I'm fishing for a compliment, man I used to have some sweet gills
Now my character's disproportionate, like a comic drawn by Liefeld
And I used to give a fuck, but now I need a refill


Facing infinities
In two flesh mirrors

From within, from without
Circle around circle around
Uncover what is written in the road
The overlapping nodes

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